2018 Editioning

Volcanic Editions offers editioning to the experienced artist and/or one to one sessions for aspiring printmakers. Normally this is available Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays at £120 for a six hour day with materials charged as required.

Contact Ian Brown at printsianbrown@hotmail.com for prices and availability.

Prints created in this workshop have been exhibited in many competitions:

The International Print Biennale, Newcastle
The National Open, Chichester
The Royal Academy Summer Show, London
NEO Print Prizes, Bolton
National Open Print, Bankside
High Point Center for Printmaking, Minneapolis, USA
Lucy Bainbridge Open, London

Solar Plate Etching

For these processes we use a 32" x 54" Rochat Etching Press with high quality, clean blankets ensuring maximum print finish.

Our plates sourced directly from the manufacturer, are never pre fogged and we stock sizes from A6 up to A1.

We can print up to 4 plate solar etchings in tight register.

Paul Jones Brixton-Hill SW2, Super Cell Series, Untitled I, Etching
Edition of 4
One of four etchings editioned in January and February 2015.

Ian Brown, Pancake Rocks II, 4 plate Solar Plate Etching, Edition 5, One of a suite of 6 prints editioned in 2015.


Two screen sizes allow us to print full out on Imperial through to 30" x 40" paper sizes on a Marler Elite Quad Crown Vacuum Bed matched with 60" x 40" drying racks.

A free standing Exposure Unit (as opposed to the more common Graphoscreen) enable us to create superior and sharper screens stencils for fine work.

Screens with mesh counts from 31T through to 120T give flexibility on thick or thin ink deposits.

We use the best quality water based inks giving the choice of matt or satin finish and include fluorescents, metallics, varnish as well as diamond dust .

Ian Brown, Seven Seas: Indian Ocean, 22 colour Screenprint, Edition 10, Editioned May and June 2017

Ian Brown, Seven Seas: Mediterranean Sea, 23 colour Screenprint, Edition 10, Editioned November and December 2017

Ian Brown, Seven Seas: Atlantic Ocean, 25 colour Screenprint, Edition 10, Editioned February and March 2018

Adrian Hemming, Beyond Ithica (detail), Carborundum Etching, Editioned summer of 2017

Adrian Hemming, Dogger, Moderate to Stormy, Intaglio, Editioned January and February 2018